Request a New Parent Guide

We are pleased to provide this resource to new parents. Our goal is to provide useful information about Down syndrome and share the joys, challenges, and experiences of raising a child with Down syndrome. If you are a new or expectant parent of a baby with Down syndrome, fill out the form below to request a New Parent Guide. We will be in contact with you soon to arrange a visit.

“NWDSA did something that helped shape our path; they gave us their New Parent Guide. It congratulated us on the birth of our baby, explained what Down syndrome was and included many pictures of families.” – New Parent

“I’m a mother of three wonderful children, one of whom experiences Down syndrome. I’m very passionate about welcoming new parents that share the unique experience of having a child with a disability. I enjoy getting parents connected and empowered so they feel able to support their child.”
Maria (pictured left, standing) New Parent Outreach and Spanish Language Liaison

“I hope you are enjoying your baby. There are a lot of good things about being a person with Down syndrome like for an example, I got into college and I love it. I am a dancer in a group. I have a job that is really fun. I have been a part of the NWDSA community since I was young. Many resources and tools allowed my family to support my hopes and dreams. I hope to meet your baby some time soon.”
Rachel (pictured left, seated) New Parent Outreach Assistant

If you request a home or hospital visit, Maria and Rachel will bring ‘welcome to the world’ gifts for your new baby, as well as resources and support to your family. We look forward to meeting you!